Rules & Regulations

Please note that artificial decorations/silk flowers are NOT allowed during mowing season ~ April 1st through October 31st. One American Flag per grave is permitted year round.

Rules & Regulations Supervision

1. Subject to orders of the Board of Directors (“Board”). Cemetery’s General Manager shall have overall responsibility to enforce these Rules and Regulations, to maintain order and to supervise all employees and business invitees.

2. All sales made by the Cemetery are subject to its Rules and Regulations which are in effect, not all of which are contained in this Agreement.

3. All funeral processions, upon reaching the Cemetery gate, shall be under the supervision of the Cemetery Management.

4. All work in the Cemetery, including grading, landscaping, care of lawns and trees, opening and closing of graves, niches, etc., will be done by the Cemetery.

Ownership of Property Rights

1. It is recommended that purchasers visit the Cemetery to aid them in their selection of Cemetery Property.

2. Purchasers of Cemetery property will be given a Certificate of Interment Rights, the terms of which are incorporated herein by this reference. This is a Certificate which grants the right of interment for the human remains of one person in the Cemetery describing the location of any lot, niche or crypt which has been purchased. The right if interment from the human remains of two additional persons may be permitted by the Board subject to its Rules and Regulations and additional fees.

3. Description of lots, niches, or crypts will be in accordance with the Cemetery plats and records which are kept on file at the Cemetery office.

4. No lot, niche or crypt shall be used for any other purpose than the disposition of human remains.

5. No interment will be made unless the purchase price of the property and services is fully paid or satisfactory arrangements are made for payment with the General Manager.

6. No transfer or assignments of any lot, niche, crypt or merchandise or any interest herein shall be valid unless written request is made to the General Manager of the Cemetery, his/her prior written approval given and payment of a transfer fee as established by the Board of the Cemetery has been made.

7. Repurchase of property by the Cemetery is not favored. Subject to provisions of RCW 68.24 and Washington Administrative Code, and depending on family circumstances, repurchase will be considered only if property is fully paid for and there is no acceptable exchange program. Any property repurchased by the Cemetery will be at the original selling price. The original selling price shall be the consideration paid less the amount required by law to be attributed and deposited to the endowment care fund.

8. The Cemetery is operated with endowment care. The purchaser of any property in the Cemetery will be fully protected as provided by the endowment care fund law RCW 68.44. et seq., and the succeeding legislation.

9. It is the duty of the owner of any lot, niche, or crypt to notify the Cemetery of any changes in address so that necessary notices respecting Cemetery operations may be given.

10. Interest will be charged on all unpaid accounts at the rate of 15% per month if payments are not made as agreed.


1. No interment will be made unless the proper certificate (burial transit permit) is furnished giving the name and sex of the deceased, and the location of death. No interment shall be made unless Claquato Cemetery Association interment order has been signed by the responsible parties and all interment service fees paid. Notice of interment and burial arrangements must be made at least 24 hours in advance, with 48 hours advance notice preferred.

2. Only one interment shall be made in a grave with the exception of a mother and infant or two children in one casket. In addition to a full size ground burial, two cremated remains may be allowed on one adult grave subject to Board approval, Cemetery Rules and Regulations and additional fees. Cremated remains may be placed in a casket to be buried provided the Cemetery is furnished necessary records of such interment.

3. The Cemetery shall not be liable for the identity of the person to be interred.

4. It is required that a member of the deceased’s family or a person with proper authority give the Cemetery written authorization in advance of interment. Management may make exceptions to this rule when absolutely necessary. The Cemetery shall not be held responsible for any order given by telephone or from any mistake occurring from lack of precise and proper instructions as to the particular space and location where interment is desired.

5. Every ground burial, including those involving cremated remains, shall be enclosed in a concrete container, or outer container of other suitable material. All such containers must meet the specifications approved by the Board.

6. The Cemetery shall be in no way liable for any delay in the interment of a body where a protest to the interment has been made, or where these Rules and Regulations have not been complied with, or because of strikes, the elements, acts of God, common enemy, thieves, vandals, malicious mischief maker, explosions, unavoidable accidents, invasions, insurrections, riots or order of any military or civil authority. The Cemetery may require any protests to be in writing and filed in the office at the Cemetery.

7. No interments or removals are permitted on Sunday or legal holidays.

8. If property and services are arranged for at the time of need, payment shall be made at such time.

9. All interments and removals will be made subject to the laws and ordinances of the city, county, state and to orders of the court having proper jurisdiction.

10. Services will not be schedules prior to 9:00am.

11. Graveside services at the Cemetery must commence no later than 3:00pm Monday through Friday. Saturday gravesides services must begin no later than 11:00am.

12. Cemetery reserves and shall have the right to correct, without notice, any error that may be made by Cemetery in making interments.

13. Interments shall only be of the human dead.

14. No double depth full size interments are allowed. One body in a full casket may not be placed on top of another body in a full casket burial.

15. An extended land use charge will be made by the Cemetery on all cremated remains that are placed upon a grave that has a full casket burial which has been purchased previously.

16. Only those individuals of the Catholic faith may be buried in the Catholic section of the Cemetery, except only one individual need to be of the Catholic faith if husband and wife, brother and sister, or brothers and sisters, in other words, immediate family are buried or are to be buried on or in one or more contiguous lots.

Rights Reserved to Cemetery Modifications, Disclaimers and Exceptions

1. The Cemetery hereby reserves the right to correct any errors that may be made by it either in making interments, disinterment’s or removals or in the description, transfer or conveyance of any interment right property, either by canceling such conveyances and substituting and conveying in lieu thereof other interment right property of equal value and similar location as far as possible, as may be selected by the Cemetery, or in the sole discretion of the Cemetery, by refunding the amount of money paid on account of said purchases. In the event the error shall involve interment of the remains of any person in such property, the Cemetery reserves the right to remove and reinter the remains to such other property of equal value and similar location as may be substituted and conveyed in lieu thereof. Cemetery shall also have the right to correct any errors made by placing an improper inscription, including incorrect name or date, either on the memorial or on the container for cremated remains.

2. Special cases may arise in which the literal enforcement of a rule may impose unnecessary hardship. The Board therefore, reserves the right, without notice to make exceptions, suspensions or modifications in any of these Rules and Regulations when, in their judgment the same appear advisable, and such temporary exception, suspension or modification shall in no way be construed as affecting the general application of such rule.

3. The Cemetery may, through it Boards, and it hereby expressly reserves the right at any time or times, to adopt new rules and regulations or to amend, alter and/or repeal any rule, regulation and/or articles, section, paragraph and/or sentence in these Rules and Regulations.

Pre-Arranged Sales

1. All pre-arranged service fees are funded at 100% of the sale price. All pre-arranged merchandise is funded at 90% of the sale price.

2. Pre-arranged merchandise is not stored on the cemetery premises nor will be ordered prior to time of service. Unless, special arrangements have been made and approved by cemetery management and noted accordingly.

3. The Cemetery does not offer the sale of undeveloped property or unconstructed crypts or niches.


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